Expo Poster Design

This year's Design

2020 has been an interesting and challenging year. This year's Senior Project Expo is the second entirely virtual expo. Covid 19 has posed challenges for all. As you can see from the quality of the senior projects, this years class has weathered the storm! This year's class was taught by Professor Jennie Thwing. Thwing has taught numerous sections of the Senior Project class. She co-created the first senior project Expo with fellow faculty members Donna Proper and Kim Wild.

This year's social media design was created my Tina Yirka. Tina's design was chosen from 17 other designs. The students voted on the poster that best represented their class. There was an overwhelming emphasis on the virtual nature of this years class. Tina's design captures the surreal and "virtual" overtones of 2020.
Below are a few thoughts from the Graduating class of Fall 2020.


Student photo holding flowers

How are you coping?

'This pandemic has changed my college experience by making me and other students adapt to having to teach ourselves programs, become more independent, and learn how to keep going through tough times.' —Ariel Steinberg

Covid has made it extremely difficult. I'm someone who thrives off human interaction so taking that away was a major blow and took some time to get used to. —Nicholas Matarazzo

"Covid has certainly made senior project interesting to say the least. The ability to be adaptable in a world that won’t even stop moving even during a pandemic is absolutely necessary. ."—Brianna Davis

"COVID19 has taught me the importance of a classroom setting and how desperately I miss it."—Thomas Miranda

Student Photo of Brianna

What have you learned?

"I have learned to stop focusing on perfection and get it done."—Nicole Cambria

"I learned that good research plays a key roll in branding. " Michael Luciano

"This class will teach you that you can do a lot more than you think. "—Michael Petralia

"I have learned that I create my best work when I choose projects that I am interested in. "—Antonio Abbate

Student Photo of Nick

Advice for future classes 

"Don’t understimate the research part of this project. Everything comes together in the end."—David Portalatin

"Be detail-oriented and pace yourself on each assignment. Time flies. "—Adriana Giannachi

"Take any opportunity that is given to you. Whether its in your comfort zone or not. It will make you a stronger person. "—Jessica Stern

""Actively search and experiment with styles and layouts in the earlier stages. One of the main reason I had to play catch up was because I changed my branding about ten times."—Victoria Ajimova

"My advice to next year's class would be to stay motivated, it is a lot of work but it is all worth it in the end. Other classmates will pick you up when you're down." —Tina Yirka

Student Photo of Nicole

What are you looking forward to? 

"I am looking forward to seeing the final project once this whole thing is over, knowing it has been worth all the difficulties."—Michael Nicola

"When Senior project is over, I am looking forward to creating a beautiful future that involves a lot of plants and dogs."—Nicole Cambria

"Im looking forward to sleep, I miss it dearly. Being stress free will definitely feel good again. I’ll probably go fishing, or sleep for a week."—Gonzalo Godinez

"I’m looking forward to seeing how school payed off. Was it all worth it? "—David Portalatin



"Senior Project was undoubtedly one of the most challenging tasks I have faced during my time at Farmingdale State College. Being the longest-running effort I have ever applied to a single project, I can say I'm coming out of this experience feeling accomplished, proud, and ready to hit the real world. This project has taught me to carry an idea from start to finish and to pay attention to as much detail as possible, while still maintaining a cohesive message along the way."—Thomas Miranda

"All I know is that this was a long journey, but I am glad to be a part of senior project."—Brianna Jones  


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